Release Notes

Version 1.6

Released February 21, 2014

[PRO] Native cross-posting to Twitter. Thrill two sets of friends at once with your rapier-like wit.

[NEW] Simplified the interface to be more harmonious with (though not a strict interpretation of) the iOS 7 aesthetic. Removed all remaining traces of gloss from the app like Dexter scrubbing blood stains on the Slice of Life.

[NEW] A gaggle of user interface improvements. Of note, we improved the colors used for Dark Mode. They’re now less contrasty, gray as gray milk.

[NEW] Jackson Thomas Guy.

[NEW] Font choices are now used for all interface strings, instead of just some of them. Okay, okay. Well, there are a few settings screens that aren’t updated yet, but the stuff you look at from day-to-day is good to go. It's a work in progress. Leave us alone! Stop taunting us! Waaaaaah!

[NEW] Ripped out all the old sharing code. Riposte is now using OvershareKit, an open-source sharing library for iOS. This replaces all existing third-party sharing settings. You will be required to sign in again in some cases.

[FIX] I have … no name! Fixed a crasher when viewing posts from users without display names. Do not fear the ob-stackles in yo path.

[FIX] Improved smart punctuation: ellipses, en- and em- dashes. The correct single quote is used for decade abbreviations, too. Helps when you’re quoting lines from E.T., like “This is the ’80s, Greg.”

[FIX] You will see a … cow, on the roof of a cotton house.

[FIX] Fixed a couple of bugs exposed by future versions of iOS.

[FIX] Improved the ordering of user search results when typing an @mention or when using the user search feature.

Version 1.5.1

Released November 1, 2013

The “Numerous Bugs” Edition.

[FIX] Fixed numerous bugs with editing text for a new post.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that could cause an in-app notification to appear when the app is brought to the foreground in response to swiping or tapping a Notification Center notification, instead of showing the appropriate modal view.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that causes modal views to appear while the app is in the background, when they shouldn’t appear at all.

[BUG] Sometimes dung beetles try to steal a dung ball from another beetle, so the dung beetles have to move rapidly away from a dung pile once they have rolled their ball to prevent it from being stolen. These "rollers" can roll up to 10 times their weight.


[FIX] Fixed bugs that can cause the Stream Marker to change improperly during background refreshes after prolonged inactivity. If you experienced this bug, you should probably have been using Riposte more often.

[NEW] Riposte Pro is now free!

[FIX] Fixed a bug that caused a crash when trying to view the Interactions tab on iOS version 7.0.3.

[FIX] After thinking about it for about 420 milliseconds we realized how dumb it would be to give Riposte Pro away for free so it’s back to the regular price of $2.99. As soon as we sell 478,468.8995215311 copies of Riposte Pro we’re going to buy a mammoth $100k bottle of Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar champagne and throw down like David Ortiz after winning the World Series. The rest will be spent on bitcoins cause that’s just how we roll. Ya know?

[BUG] Bombardier beetles are most notable for the defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a boiling acid spray from the tip of their abdomen, with a popping sound.

[FIX] Fixed bugs that could cause links to become untappable, especially after swiping back from a web view with two fingers.

[FIX] Fixed bugs that could cause extra cell separators to have the wrong color, especially noticeable when dark mode is enabled.

[FIX] Fixed bugs with changing your profile and cover photos.

[FIX] Fixed a bug with VoiceOver that could cause scrolling to jump to the wrong spot or content to disappear.

[FIX] Fixed the flickering appearance of cell separators when entering the fast-app switcher while dark mode is enabled.

[BUG] You really don’t want to know about this bug:

Version 1.5

Released September 18, 2013

[IOS] Unapologetically requires a minimum of iOS 7.

[PRO] Create custom links when writing a post using Markdown syntax, just like this: [Ruh-roh!]( For added convenience, highlight some text and choose “Make Link” from the popover. If you’ve highlighted a URL, it’ll put your cursor over the placeholder link text. If you’ve highlighted some text, it’ll put your cursor over the placeholder link URL. If you have a URL in the clipboard, then it’ll use that instead of a placeholder URL. This is a long-winded way of saying that we made it nice. So “Make Link” until the cows come home.

[PRO] You can independently change the author name and body text typefaces. Try different combinations to see what you like. Everybody likes Avenir Next, but have you tried Helvetica Neue Condensed Bold for author names at the new Biblical size? Just don’t make us regret giving you this:

[RAW] unbridled power.

[PRO] Long press on the drafts button to optionally delete all saved drafts (except the one you’re currently editing, of course).

[PRO] The ability to upgrade the Riposte Pro Purchaser Purchaser (which must be upgraded to the Riposte Pro Purchaser Purchaser Pro in order to unlock the ability to purchase Riposte Pro), has been not added to Riposte and in fact does not even exist. You can simply upgrade to Riposte Pro whenever you wish.

[IVE] Al-yu-MIN-ee-um.

[NEW] Timelines update in the background in response to push notifications, and/or whenever iOS 7 detects that Riposte ought to be refreshed. Say goodbye to gaps with a hearty, grubery “Finally.”

[NEW] Redesigned the way posts flip over when you tap them. It’s now much more fun. More importantly, it’s easier to find the buttons when tapping a long post or a post with an inline image. Try tilting your phone when the post is flipped open, too. Details!

[NEW] Improved the layout of text in timelines: more spacious, more accurate, more comfortable:

RPSTComfortOptions op;
op = RPSTComfortOptionLooseThroughTheLeg |
RPSTComfortOptionSitsLowOnTheHips |
[text setComfortLevel:op];

[NEW] Added two new font sizes. What’s bigger than EPIC? Why, Biblical and Bruckheimer, of course.

[NEW] Added support for the new 2048-character-length limit for private messages.

[NSA] You sound cute on the phone.

[NEW] Riposte now highlights @mentions, #hashtags, and URLs ( as you type when writing a post.

[NEW] Added two new display name options which combine username and full name.

[ONE] The number of Federighi hair jokes greater than or equal to which we think is too many Federighi hair jokes for one presentation.

[FIX] Fixed a potential crasher when signing into Pinboard, Instapaper, and other services.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that caused the Directed Posts settings to be ignored in certain circumstances.

[FIX] Improved scroll performance.

[FIX] Improved user search performance and reliability when typing an @mention.

[SAD] TextExpander integration is not yet supported by Riposte on iOS 7. We are working on integrating it in an upcoming release.

[BUG] Added a bug for @blenderhead.

[MD5] b25dc97d4de5733b860a0aaa0ea42d8f

Version 1.4

Released August 22, 2013

[PRO] Send posts, messages, or links to OmniFocus and Things (if those apps are installed), with just a tap.

[PRO] Landscape composing for new posts.

[NEW] Search for posts using the official ADN Search API. Includes saved search queries. (try searching on “landscape @bojan”)

[NEW] Pull-to-refresh on conversation views.

[NEW] Added in-app tutorial to the launch screen. It shows automatically for first-time users, but you can tap the “Tutorial” button on the sign-in screen to view the tutorial. If you need help launching the tutorial, then we recommend not launching the tutorial.


[NEW] Add verified domains to user profiles.

[NEW] Emails and telephone numbers are now tappable in posts, messages, and user profiles.

[NEW] Reorder or delete accounts from the Settings screen.

[NEW] Updated app icon for clarity, deference, and flatness.

[NEW] Sending links to Pinboard now includes extra details like the source post text, the posts’ original URL, and marks the Pinboard item as “to-read.”

[NEW] Added titles to share sheets.

[NEW] Henry Dimitris Sinclair.

[FIX] Replying to a post now more intelligently filters out @mentions of your own account (or accounts, if you have more than one).

[FIX] Fixed a bug that could cause the keyboard to stop responding after showing the system dictionary.

[FIX] Added improvements to touch handling in post cells.

[WHO] Who’s house?

[FIX] Unread post bars now temporarily fade out when in-app notifications are visible. As our mothers always said, “The squeaky wheels get the app upgrades,” or something.

[FIX] Removed the Instapaper web view mobilizer option due to technical issues beyond our control. You will still be able to save links with your Instapaper account, if you have one. Readability is now the default (and only) web view mobilizer.

[FIX] Fixed a crash related to ragequitters leaving behind stray PM channels.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that caused the hovering new channel button to not have the proper appearance on cold launch to the PMs screen.

[FIX] Cleaned up photo attachment action sheet language for clarity, consistency, and err, whatever.

[FIX] When cross-posting a post to Twitter through Buffer, the ”Post” now reads “Buffer” if Buffer is enabled for a given post.

[FIX] A warning is shown when cross-posting with Buffer and an image is attached. Buffer posts do not support image attachments.

[FIX] The image caption text field now uses the system autocorect setting.

[FIX] Saving posts and meta data now finishes in the background, even after leaving Riposte, helping to prevent data loss.

[FIX] Directed posts are now only enabled by default after signing in with an account following fewer than twenty users.

[FIX] Fixed a bug with hashtag search results not appearing properly.

[FIX] Add performance improvements when unpacking Jason.

[HEY] [cupped hand] What’s that?

[FIX] Oh, he meant when unpacking “JSON”, J-S-O-N, or something like that.

[FIX] Switching between dark and light modes with the swipe gesture should no longer cause the timeline to light up like the sidewalk in the Billie Jean video.

[RUN] Run’s house.

[FYI] For those of you who like to know about such things, the latest versions of Riposte and Whisper have been refactored to share a common code base, RPSTADNKit, a private library of our own making. If you’re looking for an open-source library for your own ADN project, check out ADNKit by @joeldev.

Version 1.3

Released June 4, 2013

[PRO] Outgoing posts are now sent in the background. If for some reason a post fails — like maybe you write a post that says "I forgot my Arrow Press. #sadface" while riding in the back of your private jet, with satellite internet equipment hidden away behind figured walnut paneling, and just as you tap "post" you leap from a wide door in the fuselage wearing a perfectly packed parachute and a cherry red wing suit, then careen across Moroccan desert skies at sunset, miles away from your airborne satellite internet after mere seconds of rapid descent, causing your post to fail to send, which you don't realize until you land just south of Rabat, where a delivery mule is patiently waiting for you with your custom made, one-of-a-kind, bespoke crystal coffee press, engraved with "For When I'm in Morocco" on it's upper shaft, tucked inside a vintage saddlebag slung over its back. As you pat your delivery mule's head to thank him for his promptness, you fire up Riposte on your Moroccan night phone and discover, to your delight and relief, that Riposte has saved your post to your Drafts, so that you can publish it as soon as your mule can bring you to your favorite internet cafe in Rabat, where you order a coffee, because you forgot to pack a mug in that saddlebag.

[PRO] Drafts now remember your last text selections and cursor locations, too, which is nice because you forgot to fix your terrible coffee press spelling error when you lept out of a plane over the Moroccan desert.

[NEW] Passport app support: install, launch, and sign in via the new official app.

[NEW] Outgoing posts and messages are now annotated with the language in which they were written (obtained from the keyboard used).

[NEW] Incoming posts and messages are annotated with language, too. VoiceOver users will hear any post that has been annotated spoken to them in that language (other clients may not yet support this feature, and not all languages are supported by ADN).

[NEW] You can now block a user. "With great power..." people.

[MIA] Hands up. Hands high. Live fast.

[FIX] Improved the way draft posts are saved by ignoring "empty" drafts. Great way to not be reminded of all those times you came close to ragequitting in a blaze of 256 angry characters.

[FIX] Squished a puddle of bugs that might have caused blank inline images in posts and in private messages.

[FIX] Now accepting applications for Grand Poobah of Dodging Feature Requests. Just kidding. We are now accepting pending autocorrections whenever you tap post/send when composing a post or a message.

[FIX] Finally maybe hopefully fixed the bug that hides the icons from in-app notification views.

[FIX] For normal image uploads, we are now downscaling them more aggressively to improve the experience for folks on slower internet connections.

[FIX] Fixe clippe tex fro profil description. Wer reall sorr abou tha. You bi i ver importan t u.

[FIX] Improved location updating (used when dark mode is enabled).

[FIX] Improved the reliability of background disk operations.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that prevented viewing URLs with emoji characters.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that failed to recognize some ADN post links and thus failed to display them natively.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that allowed reserved characters in photo captions.

[FIX] Fixed Strezabug II - The Link Entity that Freezes Everything.

[FIX] Refreshed the login screen UI.

Version 1.2.1

Released May 7, 2013

[NEW] Added an image attachment indicator to posts with images when Inline Images are turned off. Tap on the indicator to view the image straight up in the image viewer. Swipe on the post to see it in the detail view on the rocks.

[NEW] Added support for animated gifs to the image viewer. Dawson is now crying tears of joy.

[NEW] Added the ability to view the current photo attachment when composing a post. After attaching a photo, tap the thumbnail to see this option.

[NEW] Now showing inline thumbnails for Climber video attachments.

[NEW] You can now dismiss the keyboard in Private Messages by dragging it down with your thumb, just like the other app you know that lets you do this. Hint: it's green and you have it already and it lets you dismiss the keyboard by dragging it down.

[BOB] Power music. Electric revival.

[FIX] Fixed an issue that could cause certain users to doubt our commitment to Sparkle Motion. We solved this issue by improving the appearance of in-app notifications. Flat Design is *not* as in as everyone thinks it is.

[FIX] Now always showing inline images in Private Messages, since there's no other way to show File API image attachments (links can't be used in the text).

[FIX] Use Last Photo now ensures images are rotated in the correct orientation. They spinnin!

[FIX] Fixed a bug that could cause posts to be Auto-Buffered to Twitter, to the bemusement of your friends who aren't yet on ADN. Yes, we know what bemusement means. Alfred told us.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that can cause brightness to change unexpectedly.

[FIX] Fixed an issue where viewing tall, skinny images in the image viewer triggered a back swipe gesture as soon as the image appeared. Ha! Special thanks to whoever posted that photo of a bajillion rackmounted servers.

[FIX] Fixed images not appearing in the image viewer.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that ignored edits applied to the photo obtained via the "Use Last Photo" option.

[FIX] Fixed an issue that could lead to blank draft posts being saved unnecessarily.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that broke swiping with two fingers to advance by words when composing a private message.

[FIX] Now preventing light/dark mode changes from being triggered while zooming a web site or an image in the image viewer.

[FIX] Minor UI and tpyo fixxes.

[IMG] The word cloud for this update would be: Images. Images. Images. Images. Images. Images. Images. Images. Images. Images.

[FIX] Fixed an issue that could cause hangs or crashes while typing a new p---EXC_BAD_TIME_NO_FUN 0x4815162342 in _CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_YOU. CAN YOU HEAR IT? CAN YOU FEEL IT NEAR YOU?

Version 1.2


Introducing Riposte Pro: a set of pro features for the power user.

[PRO] Custom Typefaces: choose from 9 new typefaces to suit your style.

[PRO] QuickView for Messages: moves Private Messages from the side menu to a hovering button for quick access (optional).

[PRO] Draft auto-saving, including reply and image attachment info. Never worry about hitting Cancel again. It just works.

[PRO] Quick switch accounts while writing a post. Just tap the user in the navigation bar.

[PRO] Fast account switch gesture: use 2 finger swipes from any root view to switch to the next/previous account.

[PRO] Dark mode auto-toggles based on local sunrise/sunset times (optional).

[PRO] Brightness control gesture: drag up/down with 3 fingers to fade your screen’s brightness.

[PRO] “Last Photo Taken” option for attaching images.

[PRO] Full quality image uploads (optional).

[PRO] Hide status bar: you can choose to hide the status bar, while keeping the tap to scroll-to-top gesture.

All Changes:

[PRO] Custom Typefaces: choose from 14 new typefaces to suit your style.

[PRO] QuickView for Messages: moves Private Messages from the side menu to a hovering button for quick access (optional).

[PRO] Drafts: auto-saves your draft posts including reply and image attachment info.

[PRO] Quick switch accounts while writing a new post. Just tap the user in the navigation bar.

[PRO] Fast account switch gesture: use 2 finger swipes from any root view to switch to the next/previous account.

[PRO] Auto Dark Mode: automatically toggles dark mode based on local sunrise/sunset times (optional).

[PRO] Brightness Control Gesture: drag up or down on your screen with three fingers to fade your device’s brightness.

[PRO] “Last Photo Taken” option for attaching images.

[PRO] Full quality image uploads (optional).

[PRO] You can choose to hide the status bar. You can even still tap near the top edge of your screen to scroll to the top, #ftw.

[NEW] Redesigned in-app notifications to make them easier to read and interact with, even while you’re writing a post. Swipe to dismiss them quickly.

[NEW] You can now choose which account you would like to repost from. Just long press on the repost button.

[NEW] iTunes and App Store links now displayed in-app. Make a purchase without having to leave Riposte!

[NEW] Photo attachments now use link entities. Tap the thumbnail to edit the caption.

[NEW] Inline images now load in conversation views.

[NEW] New image cache vastly improves image loading and performance.

[NEW] Web view mobilizer setting is now remembered between browsing sessions.

[NEW] Buffer Post Immediately setting is now remembered between posts.

[NEW] You can now mute private messages.

[NEW] Added support for x-callback URLs after canceling a new post. If you know what this means, you should probably upgrade to Riposte Pro because you are a pro.

[NEW] Refreshed the full-color main menu icons.

[FIX] Improved the use of screen space for private messages.

[FIX] Fix off-by-one error in the launch screen images. Yeah.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that caused the status bar to hide without your permission. Bad status bar.

[FIX] Fixed a bug that caused the main menu to ignore in-call status bar height changes.

[FIX] Fixes bug causing URL shortening to fail for some links.

[FIX] New post screen’s toolbar items or text sometimes disappeared.

[OPP] Yeah you know me.

[FIX] Audio now plays in a web view even if the phone is set to silent mode.

[FIX] Fixes several bugs with posting images that could cause app to crash.

[FIX] Text now respects the natural direction of the characters used.

[FIX] Swiping to toggle dark mode no longer jiggles your timeline. Boo-yah!

[FIX] Many other performance and stability improvements.

Version 1.1

Released March 18, 2013


[NEW] Private Messages! It's the best available on your phone. Chat with one or many participants. Push notifications, dark mode, and inline images too!

[NEW] Fine tune your push notifications by type (stars, mentions, PMs, etc.), or by follow status. Ignore your fans at your own risk.

[NEW] "Inline" search for @mentions and #hashtags when writing a post.

[NEW] ADN File API image attachments.

[NEW] Upload new avatars and cover images (in Settings > Account Settings). #thememonday #ftw

Complete Change List:

[NEW] Private Messages! It's the best available on your phone. Chat with one or many participants. Push notifications, dark mode, and inline images too!

[NEW] Fine tune your push notifications by type (stars, mentions, PMs, etc.), or by follow status.

[NEW] Option to turn off all inline images.

[NEW] Add option to hide directed posts from the Global Stream.

[NEW] "Inline" search for @mentions and #hashtags when writing a post.

[NEW] Unread count bar fades away automatically when scrolling down into older, already read posts. It reappears when scrolling back up through new posts. You can still tap it to dismiss it altogether.

[NEW] Native image viewer for inline images that have deep-links to the original image files.

[NEW] Save images to camera roll from the native image viewer.

[NEW] Added date stamps to Interaction cells.

[MST] Space Mutiny.

[NEW] Improved the appearance and accessibility of the Main Menu.

[NEW] Now using a dimmer color for hashtags and custom link domain name insertions, for readability.

[NEW] ADN File API image attachments. This replaces the Riposte image service, which is now deprecated.

[NEW] Upload new avatars and cover images (in Settings > Account Settings).

[NEW] Added Magic Tap gesture actions for Voice Over users. If an in-app notification (like for an @-mention) is visible, the Magic Tap will show the detail view for the notification. Otherwise, the Magic Tap will pop you back to the main view if you have drilled down deep into several screens of content.

[FIX] Mentions feed unread counts were being incremented improperly under certain conditions, after they had been cleared.

[FIX] "No internet connection" errors were shown too aggressively.

[FIX] Text view for new posts now respects your font size preference.

[FIX] Crashes when viewing reposters.

[FIX] Search keyboards respect dark mode preference.

[FIX] Improve scroll performance.

[FIX] Load Gap cells going bozo-banana-bonkers when tapping a link a cell just above them. Yeah. So that's fixed. Thanks Eridius.

[FIX] "Nanw" appearing for dates for some users.

[FIX] Changed "Timeline" to "My Stream" for parity with Alpha.

[FIX] Made the share sheet item order more consistent across app screens.

[FIX] Unable to scroll a long quoted post.

[FIX] Clipped profiles for users with long descriptions.

[FIX] Misc bug fixes and improvements.

[FIX] Voice Over fixes and improvements.

Version 1.0.2

Released February 22, 2013


[NEW] Inline images! View big, beautiful inline images for posts with annotations.

[NEW] Hashtag search.

[NEW] Droplr image attachments.

[NEW] Save links to Pinboard.

[NEW] Added a hashtag button to the new post toolbar. Simple, but effective.

[NEW] Muting. Because we talk too much.

[NEW] URL Schemes! See the details below.

[FIX] Loads of fixes, tweaks, and performance improvements.

Complete Change List:

[NEW] Inline images.

[NEW] Attach images with Droplr.

[NEW] Added a hashtag button to the new post toolbar.

[NEW] Mute / Unmute a user from their profile page.

[NEW] Pull down to see the entire replied-to-post when typing a reply.

[NEW] Email a post with the same cool format as an emailed conversation.

[NEW] Stream Marker settings.

[NEW] Automatic smartening of your quotes.

[NEW] Open links and web pages in Chrome (if you have it installed).

[NEW] Optional monochrome menu icons.

[NEW] Options to disable in-app notifications and notification sounds for Push Notifications received while browsing.

[NEW] Added subtle highlight to the replied-to post in conversation views.

[NEW] Hashtag search.

[NEW] Save links to Pinboard.

[NEW] URL scheme support: See the extended notes below.

[NEW] Improve starred post appearance.

[FIX] Missing or clipped text.

[FIX] Improved scroll performance.

[FIX] Stream Marker scroll positions and unread counts sometimes inaccurate, or “stuck.”

[FIX] Image uploads had wrong orientations.

[FIX] Swapped placement of star and reply buttons, so it’s a little faster to reply.

[FIX] Launching the app from a push notification now always shows you a detail screen.

[FIX] User not prompted to log in again when migrating to a new device.

[FIX] Fixed bugs that caused avatar images to flicker, or to be assigned to the wrong users.

[MST] Prince of Space.

[FIX] Conversation title bar spinner sometimes keeps spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning.

[FIX] Fixed a case where “no posts found” would be shown inappropriately.

[FIX] Improved the performance of loading avatar images in general. Avatars are loaded ahead of time where possible.

[FIX] Fix font size and line break discrepancies in emailed conversations.

[FIX] Pull-to-refresh control respects dark mode color scheme.

[FIX] And spinning and spinning and spinning and spinning.

[FIX] Fixed several minor causes of crashes.

[FIX] Added missing beta tester from the about page. Hi, @zero!

[FIX] Numerous tiny UI improvements.

[FIX] Improved some previous improvements that weren’t improved enough.

[FIX] Fixed several minor Stream Marker scrolling bugs.

[FIX] Removed the slow fade-in from the web views, because it felt slower than a Mazzy Star album at quarter speed while under sedation.

[FIX] Fixed roaming 1Password button on login screen.

[FIX] And spinning and spinning and spinning.

[FIX] Voice Over fix: posts not being read properly.

[FIX] Improved appearance of hashtag / user search screens.

[FIX] Improved dark mode appearance in the new post view.

URL Schemes

To use URL schemes, another app can implement one of the following URLs. To try them right away, download Drafts for iPhone, which lets you set up custom URL schemes for any app.

Launch Riposte

EXAMPLE: riposte://

New Post

EXAMPLE: riposte://x-callback-url/createNewPost?text=blahblahblah&accountID=5952

PARAMETERS: text = the text to use. (optional) accountID = the account to use to send the post (optional)

Show a Profile

EXAMPLE: riposte://x-callback-url/showUserProfile?profileID=5952&accountID=5952

PARAMETERS: profileID = the ADN id of the profile to view. (required) accountID = the account to use to fetch the user data (optional)

Show a Post / Conversation

EXAMPLE: riposte://x-callback-url/showPostDetail?postID=55412&accountID=5952

PARAMETERS: postID = the post to view (required) accountID = the account to use to fetch the post (optional)